How Much Does Video Cost

How Much Does a Web Video Spokesperson Cost?

So… you’ve decided to super-charge your online business with a video spokesperson. Great decision! Your first step is to decide on your budget, and what to look for when comparing your options.

If you’ve shopped around a bit, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a huge range of prices for web actor videos. Some companies charge thousands of dollars just to get a few minutes of a person talking on your website.

At the other extreme, companies try to bait you with much lower prices, but then attempt to lock you into paying monthly fees that are much costlier in the long-run. Some companies offer “cheap prices” by resorting to cartoons, talking animations, and avatars instead of real actors.

Be wary of these service. Artificial computer-generated presenters, offered by companies such as SitePal, are not acted out by real people, and their products tend to look and sound robotic compared to real acted-out videos with real people. Simply put – fake presentations aren’t the same as spokesmodel presentations of real breathing, living people actually speaking your message!

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to pay huge sums of money to get a quality video presentation, nor is it necessary to settle for cartoon greeters. In fact, it’s possible to get the same quality real web actor video you would normally pay many hundreds or even thousands of dollars for, for just a fraction of the price.

A new company, Web Video Depot, has come to your rescue! They recognized that the website spokesperson industry is overcharging customers for video presentations, and that most of the more “affordable” options provide inferior quality presentations, or use monthly fees to make up for their lower prices.

Web Video Depot.Com has changed the game and broken all the rules! This industry-shattering company offers premium quality website presenters and actors who will deliver your message and talk on your page at the lowest price ever available. Best of all, they don’t compromise on quality, they have no monthly fees, and their prices are simply the lowest you will find.

With Web Video Depot.Com, there are no games, gimmicks, or hidden fees! There’s just no reason to shop anywhere but Web Video Depot.Com unless you like spending more to get the exact same thing!

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