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The internet is constantly changing. Website owners are constantly looking to keep up with their competition. Today, can help you engage your customers, give them a direct call to action and keep your visitors on your website longer.

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Web Video Depot.Com offers real actors (spokes models) for any website or blog. Our company is the Value Leader in website spokes model presentations. Starting at only $37.00 you can have a website spokesperson on your website.

FACT: People who visit websites only stay if there interested in your product.

b.)       You only have a few seconds to keep your viewers engaged.

c.)       Your customers need important information about your product NOW!

  •  “Why do some companies have great success via the internet?”
  • “What do they know that others don’t?”
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Knowing the answers to all these three questions is what you need to accelerate your internet marketing endeavor and make a killing online.

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Web Video Depot.Com

What Is A Video Spokesperson?

What is a Video Spokesperson?

A video spokesperson is a spokesperson who virtually appears on a website to greet visitors. A Video spokesperson typically features a transparent background, resulting in the appearance of a borderless video of a person standing on a website. This effect is quite dramatic, and is considered to be more life-like than traditional YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Video spokesperson technology first emerged in 2003 with the birth of alpha-layer flash, and since then, numerous services have come to market with these types of website talking products.

Companies providing video spokesperson services can be found around the world, and they offer a wide variety of options for website owners looking to put a live virtual greeter on their webpage.

A video spokesperson on your website can enhance your business.

A website spokesperson can talk and walk-on a websites, greet people who visit your website, and serve as a talking head on your website. They can also be integrated with YouTube and other social video services.

This directory provides an up-to-date and complete list of resources related to video spokesperson services. The directory aims to objectively assist consumers in exploring their options. The video spokesperson directory was last updated in October of 2011.

Faq / Updated

Questions? Call 517-726-0776
Home > Frequently Asked Questions
What is Web Video Depot?
Web Video Depot is the value leader in web spokesperson videos. We offer premium quality at an unbeatable price.
How much does it cost?
Our spokesperson videos start at just $37. Our pricing is based on the length of your script, so pricing gradually goes up as you add more words. To find out exactly how much your video will cost, simply type out your script on our order page and the price will update as you type. You’ll quickly see our prices are the best!
Your prices are great, but what’s the catch?
There is NO catch. We offer the best prices available for website spokesperson videos.
Why choose Web Video Depot?
There are a number of competitors who charge excessively high prices and require complex setup solutions for their website spokesperson videos. If you want a high-quality video spokesperson solution to build trust with customers and increase sales, there’s no better choice than Web Video Depot!
Are there any monthly fees or hosting costs?
Our prices are just a one-time payment. There are no recurring fees, ever.
What is your guarantee?
Web Video Depot guarantees quality video and audio for every video we produce, and that we will exceed your expectations. You can order with confidence.
How long will it take to get my order?
Orders are processed and emailed to you within 7 to 10 business days from the date of payment. This gives our production team enough time to schedule our models and prepare the best-quality videos possible.
How will I receive my order?
As soon as your order is ready, you’ll get an email containing all the required files. You’ll also get EASY instructions to quickly add the video to your website.
How do I add the video to my website?
Adding our videos to your website is very easy. Just upload the files we give you and paste in our special html code. We’ll be happy to help you get the video up on your website for FREE.
Do your videos play on all desktop and laptop computers?
Our video format will play on all desktop and laptop computers including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Our videos are also designed to play in all modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
Do your videos play on smartphone and tablet devices?
Our videos play on many of the most popular devices including the latest Android phones and tablets! They even play on iPhones and iPads using the latest Skyfire browser!
Are your videos transparent?
Yes, our videos appear on a transparent background so your website will be visible directly behind the body of the model. You will not see a box around the model.
Do I get to host my video files?
We let you host the video files wherever your existing website is already hosted for FREE. Our videos will work with any regular hosting service. Nothing special is required to host our videos.
Is there any branding on the Web Video Depot video player?
There is NO branding on our video player. We offer clean, unbranded videos at no additional cost. This feature will only be available for a limited time. We plan to add our branding to future videos products, so if you need an unbranded video, order asap!
How does Web Video Depot compare to other website spokesperson services?
We offer amazing features at the lowest price. Compare our features with the competition, and decide for yourself!
Who are your models?
Our models are experienced professionals with a wide-range of backgrounds and training in spokesmodeling, acting, broadcast journalism, on camera promotions, and live performance. Our models are ready to put their talent and positive energy into promoting your product or service.
Do your models speak other languages?
Yes, we have models that speak a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese (Mandarin). Please contact us if you are interested in a non-English video.

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